Southwest Gears is specialized in making customized team kits, uniforms jersey. Our service extended from producing custom-made cricket, soccer, hockey and other sports clothing for amateur teams to developing a complete range of merchandise for professional organizations completed with embroidered logo and printed name & numbers etc. If you want to manufacture any special item from Sialkot or customize any item with your own logos, brand name or size charts etc, please contact us without any hesitation as we are ready every time for your service.

We never lose sight of our vision to make people feel good, through the products and the service we provide every day. We are dedicated to provide Total Customer Service.

Our skillful workers are make sure that quality is maintained and each and every step of manufacturing. We proudly represent all products and strongly committed to full compliance with global human rights and labor standards as related to the manufacturing of all materials used in the production of our products. All products are manufactured according to the standardized pattern. Material used in manufacturing of our products is pre-tested conforming to international standards. We ensure there is NO misstatement that any of our materials or products are made in whole or in part using any Child Labor or forced prison labor.

By ceaselessly developing high-quality and innovative Sports Wear friendly to the user and environment. We aim to take over the leading International market position in the segment of T Shirts, Varsity Jackets , Soccer Kits etc and become the first choice of end as well as professional Sports Users.

With our portfolio of brands, Southwest Gears  is devoted to helping women and men around the world feel good and look beautiful when they wear sports jerseys, jackets, shirts etc”  We stimulate and inspire your body, soul and spirit. In doing so, we encourage you to draw from your own vitality and discover inner balance. This enables your individual health and authentic beauty to unfold .

i) To Delight the senses with products that are gentle and effective
ii) To create vital relationships among customers.
iii) To ensure the quality of our products
iv) To continually invest in research and development so we may continue to cultivate Fitness around the world.

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